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Leap Education logoLeap Education offers live, one-on-one tutorials to help you prepare for the GMAT and the GRE

During our online sessions, I will help you develop test-specific understanding of every concept you will face, and you will learn efficient strategies for maximizing your score under severe time constraints.

Each session is individually tailored to suit your strengths, weaknesses and goals. You receive professional instruction as well as comprehensive study materials, which are proven effective.

In addition to my experience with GMAT and GRE preparation, I'm a former math teacher.  I know how to present complex material in a way that is most accessible to students.

I'm confident that I can help you achieve the score you need.

Please note: I recently completed work on my GMAT Prep Now online GMAT prep course, featuring hundreds of videos and an easy-to-follow Learning Guide.  I still teach you everything you need to know to prepare for the GMAT, but with this format you can also pause and replay the videos as often as you wish!

I now have a similar online GRE test prep course with hundreds of high-quality videos. 



I found my tutoring sessions with Brent extremely beneficial. I really appreciated that he knew a lot about the exam itself, including the question types and how best to strategize with particular questions. Lessons were efficient, and Brent was helpful in targeting the areas that I needed extra help with. Brent was a terrific tutor!       
- M. Segers


Brent was a great help in my GMAT prep. I really appreciated his ability to show me several approaches to questions I used to get stuck with. This allowed me to look at questions in different ways. Brent also helped identify my specific areas of weakness, and he helped me create a study plan to focus on these weaknesses. He ensured that I stayed focused on the task, and he motivated me to give it my best. I also appreciate that he was available in my time zone which was 10 hrs ahead of his.
- Amit Bhatt 


Brent really helped me boost my scores on GRE - both on the Verbal and Math sections. I ended up scoring 790 on Math! And my practice tests before I started tutoring sessions with Brent were in mid 600s. I have always been okay in math, but GRE math is very specific, and you have to know some important shortcuts, as time is of critical importance during the test. Brent helped me with those shortcuts and tricks that I did not know before, and they saved me a LOT OF TIME on the GRE.

I can honestly say that I owe a lot of my 1430 score to Brent. The format of tutoring worked perfectly fine for me; I had no problems with the GoToMeeting internet technology, even though I had never seen that program before. It's just as effective as having a tutor sit next to you in a room. Also, we did not spend much time on things I already knew or could do well; we concentrated on my weaker areas. I liked that individually tailored approach, because the other GRE courses that I looked into did not offer that. AND those courses cost either the same or more than you will spend on tutoring with Brent. I am very, very pleased with the tutoring process, with the materials Brent provided and with my test results. I highly recommend this format to anyone who wants to score high on either GMAT or GRE.

- Anna


Brent was an extremely important piece of my success on the GRE. The detailed tutoring he gave me in math taught me things I had never learned! I needed flexibility in our tutor sessions because of my classes, and this was not a problem at all. I would recommend Brent to anyone wanting to go the extra mile with their preparation for the GRE.
- Allison Floyd


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